About Us



Our customers entrust their most prized, fragile, and expensive articles of clothing in their collections to our care. We view this responsibility as a privilege and an opportunity to offer the paramount value in punctuality, consistency, and customer service.

7 Hills is a family owned business that’s been at work here in Las Vegas by Dennis & Tracy Ashley since March 2006. We live local and understand the need for quality, quickness, and courtesy to our customers. Being family owned affords us the opportunity and the privilege of understanding how important it is to treat one another with respect and to take care of one another to the best of our ability. We also appreciate the value of extending this attitude to include our most valuable resource: YOU!


Our philosophy concerns individualized customer service, and the extra-mile-effort to keep our clients coming back for the superior experience and aesthetic appeal to their clothing. Our customers are our greatest resource. As such, providing them with top quality service, becoming a present and philanthropic entity in their community, as well as continually reaching out to offer our services to even more of our neighbors is a top priority.

When Dennis Ashley founded 7 Hills Dry cleaner’s in 2006, he did so on a few important precepts:

  • Customers come first – without your business we’d be doing something that we are way less passionate about, and we never forget that it’s you we have to thank for the food on our tables and the clothes on our backs.
  • High quality service pays big dividends – If you don’t set yourself apart with the work that you do, then there’s no incentive for return business. It’s a lesson we’ve taken to heart.
  • It’s one thing to do good work, and another to smile while doing it – 7 Hills takes a lot of pride in our positive and friendly atmosphere that infects our customers as soon as they walk through the door.
  • Go the extra mile – The reason we offer so many extra amenities that other Dry cleaners don’t is simple: it keeps our customer coming back.

After working for many years for Corporate America, the founder of 7 Hills Dry Cleaners came home and told his wife, “Sweetheart, I want to quit my job and open my own business. After a lot of research and some severe struggling, I’ve decided to open up a luxury dry cleaners serving the greater Las Vegas areas.” 7 HILLS CLOTHIERS was created in March 2006 by Dennis Ashley. He wanted to provide their community a convenient way to have all their luxury tailoring done in one location. Mr. Ashley’s vision was to accommodate every need. We wanted to provide for busy office personnel or commercial accounts in a way to have their needs met like never before. Most of all, we wanted to stand out from other dry cleaners by providing our customers with options, and still maintain the highest level of quality care of their clothing. He wanted to give his customers’ clothes LUXURIOUS treatment, which is exactly why his motto is “We achieve impossible standards”.

Also, when you have something altered we can have that item delivered along with your dry cleaning. In our facility we take excellent care of comforters, drapes, and other household items. We even work with leather and suede. And for the most special of all occasions, 7 Hills Clothiers works directly with an authorized wedding gown preservation company.

Customer Service

According to one dictionary service is defined as: the performance of any duties or work for another; something made or done by a commercial organization for the public benefit. Therefore, customer service is a series of duties (business principles) designed to improve the level of customer satisfaction that exceeds the expectations.

Interwoven in the fabric of our core values are 7 business principles that are forever timeless. Seven Hills Clothiers has instilled this philosophy in all its business processes.

1) Listen carefully to the customer’s needs and concerns

2) Identify the customer’s needs

3) Understand the customer’s needs

4) Display a genuine concern for the customer’s needs

5) Always be truthful and treat the customer with the utmost respect

6) Never be above an apology

7) By all means set proper expectations and deliver beyond what’s expected

These are the customer service principles and core values that create and maintain healthy business relationships.

We at 7 Hills Cleaners personally operate out of our own of our plant. Therefore it is paramount that we make sure that you are 100% satisfied, because we offer you a Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Dennis Ashley